Cherokee’s fish-stocking program, by the pound.

The EBCI Natural Resources Department continually stocks the rivers at over 200 locations across Cherokee’s Qualla Boundary. The report below shows the previous and projected quantity of fish, in pounds, per month. Please consider that these numbers might vary slightly due to unforeseen circumstances, such as high water conditions or special events. They do provide, however, a good indication of Cherokee’s commitment to fish stocking—and your very fun day on the water.

Stocking does not take place during the tribal trout hatchery’s annual audit week or tribal government closures. We appreciate your understanding.

October 2020 8,000 lbs.
November 2020 5,000 lbs.
December 2020 4,000 lbs.
January 2021 4,000 lbs.
February 2021 4,000 lbs.
March 2021 33,000 lbs.
April 2021 25,000 lbs.
May 2021 30,000 lbs.
June 2021 30,000 lbs.
July 2021 23,000 lbs.
August 2021 30,000 lbs.
September 2021 12,000 lbs.